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Imagine this.

You open your laptop and pull up the latest report on your company’s technology processes. You had been hired to help streamline the organization’s workflow, and you are determined to make a difference.

You have a background in technology and business, but this is your foray into the intersection between the two.

You expected to find a few areas that could be improved, but the report revealed a more complex reality. Some of the processes were outdated and inefficient, while others had been implemented without any thought for their impact on the rest of the organization. With a sigh, you scratch your head and at that very moment, you feel overwhelmed, whispering to yourself “How on earth am I going to tackle this?”

The challenge of making meaningful improvements to the company’s technology processes was daunting, but you are determined to succeed. You think to yourself “This will take more than just my technical skills to make an impact, I would need to master the art of process management.”

So you start studying business process management and the latest strategies for optimizing workflow. While you at it, you try to get your hands on as much material as possible on the topic of process automation.

But you soon realize, mastering these tactics was only the first step. To bring real change to the company, you would need to apply your knowledge to the ever-changing landscape of technology.

And then you had an aha moment. You began to understand how the three fields were intertwined. The technology could be used to streamline processes and increase efficiency. You now appreciate how a better understanding of business could help organizations make better use of the tools available. You also now know, technology is nothing more than a set of ever changing tools.

It is a complex puzzle, but at least you now have strategies to find the correct solutions.

Now imagine this.

You are a company of ONE.

Do the same rules apply?

Join us on a journey to find the answer to this question and much, much more.

We hope to see you inside.

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